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Happy Holidays from everyone at Royal Prague Travel. We hope your holidays will be filled with joy and laughter through the New Year 2018.

We would like to present you the selection of projects that Royal Prague Travel has realized for its customers in the previous year.

We provided you a tailored package to suit all your needs when travelling. Come discover what we have prepared for you.

We are pleased to announce that we have participated as a co-organizer in the M&I Forum Prague in September, 2016.

  • Loosen Your Belt and Put on Your Mask, the Shrovetide Celebrations Are Coming!

    Enjoy feasting and carnival processions in many places in the Czech Republic.

    Sweet doughnuts, pork feast and colourful masks, this is how Czechs celebrate before the Lent period. According to a tradition dating back a thousand years, everybody should eat richer, fatty foods to build their strength up for the forty days of ritual fasting which ends at Easter. The oldest records of Shrovetide revelries in Bohemia and Moravia come from the Middle Ages, however these customs actually originated in pagan times. This multi-coloured tradition has deep roots in Czech culture. Shrovetide processions in the Hlinecko Region have also been added to the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

  • Tatra Kopřivnice – The Oldest Car Manufacturer in Central Europe

    The small family-owned business in North Moravia that made coaches and road carts grew into a factory producing trucks, railway carriages or even planes during one century.

    It is May 1898 in Kopřivnice and NW Präsident – the first factory-made mass-produced car in the territory of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire and one of the first cars in the world is setting off on its first journey. And what a journey it is. On 21 and 22 May 1898, the car travels from Kopřivnice in North Moravia to Vienna. Four passengers travelled the 328-kilometre-long trip in 14.5 hours of driving, with an average speed of 22.62km/h. 

  • Winter Events Not to Be Missed in 2018

    Take part in the 70-kilometre marathon in Krkonoše, or root for one of the teams in an extreme dog sled race.

    The 80th Jubilee Zlatá lyže (Golden Ski) race with a 50-kilometre marathon, the demanding 70-kilometre team race or an extreme dog sled race that takes several days – you won’t get bored in winter in the Czech Republic. Check out the six tips below on what not to miss this winter. 

  • Adrenaline and Entertainment at Mountain Resorts

    Don't like skiing? No problem! Try snow tubing or go for a walk along a tree trail.

    The time for skiing is here and mountain resorts are full of skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts. Even if you do not belong to either group that does not mean that you cannot enjoy staying in the Czech mountains. Instead of heading for a ski slope, try going for a walk along a tree trail, go ice skating, snowshoeing or explore the world's third largest pumping hydro-electric power station. 

  • 100 Years of the Republic

    Six cities you have to visit in the Czech Republic

    On Sunday, 28 October 2018, the Czech Republic will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the foundation of independent Czechoslovakia. And such an anniversary deserves proper celebrations that will take place throughout the whole year. Enjoy them in various cities and, when there, remember to visit some interesting places and buildings. 

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