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  • Become a true Czech gourmand

    Enticing gourmet events await you once again this year. Savour your holiday!

    Discovering other cultures goes hand-in-hand with discovering their cuisines. So, accept our invitation to visit the Czech Republic, and discover its cuisine and its unique wines. This year in the Czech Republic, you can look forward to food festivals that are definitely worth a visit. Following are some selected events where you can look forward to the best that this country has to offer. 

  • Season Opening: Enjoy Prague Castle for Free

    To start the season off at Prague Castle, you can visit the Castle's visitor facilities for free on 12 May. This year, exceptionally, you can also see the exhibits and the permanent expositions for free on 12 May.

    You can see the Old Royal Palace, all other visitor facilities and the representative rooms at the New Royal Palace at Prague Castle on 12 May 2018 for free. Come and see the most visited monument in the Czech Republic! 

  • All the Best to the Monuments in the Czech Republic

    April 18 is the International Day for Monuments and Sites.

    It is a day celebrated by all sites and monuments worldwide and obviously also those in the Czech Republic. Whether they are inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site List, included among national cultural sites of the Czech Republic or simply just rank among the public’s favourites, the Czech Republic certainly has many of them. We have selected the most popular, the most beautiful as well as the most mysterious.

  • Tomáš Baťa, Shoemaker, Entrepreneur and Visionary

    Born more than 140 years ago Tomáš Baťa changed not only the face of one Moravian town but also trends in the global footwear industry as well as the principles of successful management.

    Look at your shoes. If they bear the Baťa logo, then you should know that you are wearing a product with a history dating back to the Austro-Hungarian Empire of 1894. At that time the young cobbler Tomáš Baťa founded a shoemaking company in Zlín together with his sister and one of his brothers. In the following years the business spread across four continents, and today you can buy Baťa footwear in dozens of cities all around the world. Seems inspiring? Well, read on, that's not even half of it.

  • Fly to the Czech Republic. Fly directly to Prague from 157 destinations!

    Thanks to a wide selection of airline companies, this year, tourists can visit the Czech Republic via direct flights from 157 destinations and 51 countries.

    The new flight schedule for this year will please all foreign tourists flying to the Czech Republic. The biggest news is direct flights daily to Philadelphia, operated by American Airlines from May 2018. Airplanes with the colours of the largest global airline company will appear on regular routes in Prague for the first time ever.